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Katie's Kickers

The problem.

Katie’s Kickers in Norfolk, VA was running their business through social media channels (Facebook and Instagram). The problem with this was that they were getting no new business and those following Katie’s Kickers were all current customers. 

Additionally, there was no website to guide the social media followers to more information, registration or a simple contact form. 

Katie’s Kickers had zero online presence. All swim parents had to fill in forms, sign contracts, sign waivers and confirm classes at the pool or through phone calls and emails that had no confirmation except for verbals on the phone. Payments were also hard to track and checks were lost at the pool. 

Katie’s Kickers was a growing company and this process could not continue. Katie’s Kickers needed to run its business online to save time, money and become a more professional and efficient swim school in Norfolk, VA. 

The solution.

Royals Advertising first goal was to understand the problem and work closely with the owner Katie Romeo to ensure the plan answered the problem. Once the strategy was confirmed we created a mobile, tablet friendly website that outlined their swim classes, teacher information and qualifications, reviews and an FAQ section (because a lot of time was used up answering Parents’ concerns).

Royals also integrated a swim school parent portal that listed all the classes, payment system, waivers, terms and conditions and pool rules. This portal was then i-framed into the website, creating a seamless online experience for the parents. 

Once the website and parent portal was established and signed off we then made sure that Katie’s Kickers could be found on search engines. We launched Google My Business, Google Analytics, received reviews from past and present customers and then launched a search engine optimized website. 


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search traffic increase


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ZOne tennis

The problem.

Located in Sydney, Australia Zone Tennis Academy expanded and needed a fresh new brand, website and logo. 

The solution.

We created a fresh new brand that focused on their industry – tennis. Using green and blue to present the tennis school we created a circular logo that presented a fun, competitive feel. 

Once the logo and colors were complete, we built a website that was optimized for the local area and targeted to their market. 

Satisfied clients.

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